Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend Photoshoot

My human sister tried to take pictures on our walk on Saturday.  As woo can see, I was a great model.

I never look directly at the camera.  It apparently drives my humans crazy, and I don't know why.  

Sometimes I pretend to look at it...then quickly turn my head away!  Tricked ya!

By pretending as if woo are going to look at the camera, woo keep the humans on their paws.

Serious face...

Slightly distracted but still serious face...

Other dogs!!

Back to serious face.

I am such a good model.

P.S.  Did woo hear?  We might get more snow tomorrow!  Hopefully I'll be back with snow pictures!  Cross woor paws!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snow Thief and the V-E-T

Dear Furriends,

I am VERY upset.

First of all, the Snow Thief took much of my snow bewootiful snow today.

Second, my human sister woke me up super early at 1:30 PM and took me to the V-E-T to get my leg checked out.  No ouchy pokey thingies today, though.  But the V-E-T kept pulling, pushing, and pressing on my leg.  He told me to cry if anything hurt really bad, but I was a big boy and I didn't cry at all.  

I think the V-E-T called it a possible muscle strain from playing too much in the snow.  He told me to rest for 5-7 if!  He gave me some medications to take if my leg hurt too much though.  Hopefully I won't need to take anything for my owwie to go away on its own.  

Hope woo are all doing well!


Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm Still Here!

Hawoo furriends!

Sorry I haven't posted anything in such a long time.  My humans have been quite busy lately.

I hope many of woo got lots of snow from Winter Storm Pax!  I have no idea why his name is so long or why I never saw him around, especially since he stayed around long enough to drop off so much snow.  If any of woo see him, please tell him thanks for all the snow.

Here are some pictures my humans took of me over the weekend.

It took a while for the snow on the roads to be cleared in my neighborhood, so my humans and I just played
in the front yard. 

 Look at all the white fluffy snow!

 Spying on the neighbors...

 Last night, I decided to make a snow angel, puppy style~

 Making it bigger...

 And bigger...

 Then I ate some of it to see how a snow angel tasted.

 Ate some more...

 I wanted to feel the difference between rolling on grass and rolling on 12" of snow.

 Then ate some more of my snow angel.

 Well, I must say, my snow angel tasted pretty good!

I couldn't stop eating!

Although I enjoyed playing in all the snow, my humans are concerned because I started limping my front left leg on Thursday night.  Sometimes it feels ok, but sometimes it hurts really bad.  I'm not sure what's wrong either.  I overheard my humans saying something about making me rest for a couple days to see if it heals on its own, but I'm a husky!  I don't sit still for very long.  My humans plan on watching me closely for a couple more days, and if it does not improve, they might take me to the V.E.T.  Please let it be just a sore muscle!