Saturday, August 22, 2009

Too Hot & Rainy

Woo there, everypuppy!

I'm sure almost everypup has been experiencing some of this awful weather, but I've had enough! Yesterday it was almost 91 degrees here and it rained a lot, too. Today is a little better, but it's still too hot at 82 degrees. And it's raining AGAIN! When does a good sibe pup get a break?

I'm closing my eyes and hoping that the rain will go away.

At least the sibe cooler is still working well.

Maybe it's cooler up here?

Nope...stop taking pictures of me and make the rain go away, Mom!

P.S. Woo. Mom's looking fur a new flashy to take even more pictures. Any recommendations?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Pet Vitamins Poisoning Alert!

My humans received this alert in an e-mail and I thought it would be furry important to share with my furriends. Please pass this along to all the pups woo know, especially if they might be taking "Pet-Tabs"!


Robert Jay Russell, Ph.D.,
Coton de Tulear Club of America President,
(607) 693-2828


I cannot emphasize enough the extreme danger these multivitamins
represent. Quixotically, they are not being recalled and the FDA has
taken no notice of the results of testing published by

This from the ConsumerLab's paid subscription web site:

Pet-Tabs Complete Daily for Dogs was contaminated with 6.45 mcg of lead
per tablet. This is several times higher than the amount of lead (1.41
mcg) found to be in this product in 2007. Contaminations
levels for dogs are not well defined, but FDA notes that children should
not be exposed to more than 6 mcg of lead per day and, as noted above,
California requires warning labels on supplements for human use that
contain over 0.5 mcg of lead per day.
Dr. Russell continues:
Pet-Tabs are perhaps the most widely sold dog and cat vitamin
supplement. We've used them (albeit not for many years). Pet-Tabs are
sold by PetsMart, Doctors Foster and Smith, and virtually every pet
shop, and on-line pet store in the nation. Pet-Tabs are made by the
giant Pfizer Pharmaceutical Corporation, one of America's leading
opponents of health care reform and industry inspection and regulation.
Pet-Tabs are sold under another corporate name: "Virbac" << >>
ConsumerLab tests mostly human products. Sadly, this report and the
previous years' report confirming lead contamination in Pfizer/Virbac
Pet-Tab supplements calls into serious question the safety and efficacy
of these giant corporations' entire product lines.
ConsumerLab tests mostly human products. There is no other information
(such as why or how this supposed animal health care product has been
laced with toxic levels of lead for years).

Lead can be absorbed through the skin or, in the case of these
supplements, ingested and absorbed. Clinical signs can be
gastrointestinal and/or neurological. Many dogs or cats who are
chronically ill, have upset stomachs, anorexia (food avoiders), blood
disorders, kidney disorders (degeneration of the glomeruli and tubules),
immunological problems, reproductive problems, or are suffering abnormal
behavioral signs could have suffered chronic, catastrophic lead
poisoning through supplements.

Before this revelation of supplement poisoning, the most common known
cause of lead poisoning in people and dogs was contact with lead based
paint or old car batteries. Other common causes of lead poisoning
include ingestion of lead shot (fatal to many wild birds and sometimes
served up in food that is hunted) and handling lead painted toys and
ceramic ware. During the past 6,000 years humans have mined and
redistributed lead on the planet to the extent that each of us has
approximately 1,000 times the lead in our system (as measured in our
bones) than prehistoric North American Indians.

Puppies absorb lead more readily than adults and are at greatest
immediate risk for signs of lead poisoning, but lead poisoning can prove
debilitating, even fatal for mature pets as well.

If your dog suffers from the diffuse signs of lead poisoning or if your
dog or cat have been exposed to Pet-Tabs, the CTCA recommends you have
its blood tested for lead concentration. Children in the household
should also be tested should your pet prove contaminated.

I would avoid all vitamin and mineral supplement products sold under
labels by either Pfizer or Virbac. These include labels such as
"Pet-Tinic," and "Lixotinic," and "Liqui-Tinic," which are generally
sold for large animals.
Save any bottles of these products in a sealed Zip Loc bag. Label the
bag well, stating "DO NOT USE - POISON!" You may need a sample of this
product should your dog or cat become symptomatic. You will need to save
the original packaging and product should Pfizer/Virbac be subject to a
Class Action suit.
Veterinarians normally do not first associate gastrointestinal,
immunological or even neurological signs with lead poisoning. Given
America's current largely untested, unregulated food, supplement, and
pharmaceutical supply, perhaps they should.

Should your vet need additional information about lead toxicity, its
diagnosis and treatment, I suggest the following available, up-to-date

Michael E. Peterson, Patricia A. Talcott (editors), "Small Animal
Toxicology, Second Edition," Saunders Elsevier, St. Louis, MO. 2006

Ramesh G. Gupta (editor) "Veterinary Toxicology: Basic and Clinical
Principles," Academic Press, New York, NY. 2007.

That question is analogous to asking: "what food is safe?" It's a crap
shoot to be sure. ConsumerLab tested only three pet supplements; one was
"Halo Purely for Pets VitaGlo Daily Greens." It did not contain lead,
but it contained less than half its advertised vitamins. "21st Century
Pet Nutrition Pet Chews Plus" was "approved" since it did not contain
lead and its ingredients were as labeled.

Our veterinarian believes that one-half a Centrum Senior (human vitamin)
is safe and effective for a dog the size of a Coton de Tulear. But
without widespread government tests of our food, drug and supplement
supply, who knows?

We have been using ProPet 8-in-one Vitamin supplements without problems,
but chronic, gradual poisoning is not something we'd necessarily see. As
noted: it is a gamble. And one that no one in this country should have
to take.

NOTE: you have permission to cross post this article. If you do so,
please leave the article intact.
copyright 2009 Dr. R. J. Russell & the CTCA
IMPORTANT NOTICE: the Advertisements that frequently accompany CTCA
CotonClub e-ZINE articles are in no way affiliated with us or in any way
endorsed by or approved by the CTCA. Some of these advertisements may
even promote dubious products or even puppy mills. If dog breeder
advertisements appear, they are NOT AFFILIATED WITH THE CTCA. These
advertisements are placed here by Yahoo; the CTCA has no control in this
matter. Thank you for your understanding.

Discussions of Coton health are valuable in understanding your dog's
welfare. However e-mail correspondence IS NEVER A REPLACEMENT for
emergency consultation with a veterinarian or veterinary emergency
clinic in instances where serious symptoms - especially sudden onset

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Working Pups

Yesterday Molly came over fur a playdate again. We had lots of fun, but we worked a lot, too. When my humans put our leashes on so we can go outside, I thought that the sibe cooler needed to be checked, so I decided to see if it was working properly. I told Molly that I could do the job myself, but she kept insisting on helping, and I didn't like it!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Say No to Michael Vick

I know my furriend Indy posted about this on his blog, but I also wanted to ask all the pups out there to tell their humans to write NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about reinstating Michael Vick in the NFL.  This man did many horrible things to his dogs and many argue that he was punished enough, but I don't think his jail sentence and probation was nearly enough for all the torture he put his dogs through.  Even if woo normally don't watch football with woor humans, please let Mr. Goodell know that it is unacceptable for us pups (and our humans) to let Vick play in the NFL again.  Plenty of humans get by with $10/hr job, and I think he will be fine.  

Please write to Mr. Roger Goodell at: 

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Playdate with Molly

Yesterday, Molly came over to my house to play! We played all morning and when it was time for our naps, my brother brought out my bed so we can sleep on it together. I wasn't willing to share MY bed! Molly kept trying to steal my bed from me, but I guarded it from her furry well. Watch the video to see me guard my bed!

My Birthday Video

I celebrated my 2nd birthday on June 13th by going to the beach with Molly and my human siblings. I had to wake up furry early in the morning at 6:30 AM!! I didn't know where we were going because my humans wanted to keep it as a secret from me. We picked Molly up from her house and we played in the car during the whole ride until we got to Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis, MD. It was my furry furst time in the water, but my humans say I'm a natural swimmer! Molly was a little scared to go in as deep as I did, but she still had fun. We played at the beach for two hours and went back to the car for lunch and snack time. Afterwards, it was time for more playing as we went to the doggie park at Quiet Waters! Molly and I were too tired from the beach to do much, but we met some furry nice pups.

Molly and I thought we were going home when we got back in the car, but the humans tricked us and took us to a doggie wash! I escaped from the bath tub once, but my brother caught me and bathed me. The humans at the doggie wash loved us even though we made quite a mess and were whining the whole time. Then we slept the whole ride home and played again at home! We were furry tired pups by the time Molly left! Check out the nice video my brother made for me!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Sneaky Video Attack

No matter what woo saw in that video, I was not afraid of the little mouse! I was just caught by surprise! Sneaky humans!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July weekend

***UPDATE: The previous video host wasn't very good, so I switched to another one. I hope this one works well fur everypup!****

Hawoo everypup!

I know this is furry late, but I wanted to share with all of woo my 4th of July weekend! My sister Molly's humans went on a vacation without her, so she came over to my house for the weekend! This video shows what we did on Saturday.

Did woo all see Molly with her feet in the water? What a bad pup! I was such a good pup!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Walk!

Today is Mother's Day, so I want to wish all moms out there a Happy Mother's Day!

To thank my mom for all the things she does for me, I took her out for a long walk at a nearby park called Needwood Park.
Here's me in my car. I'm waiting for my mom to hurry up and get in the car so we can leave!

A picture of the park. It was a furry nice day!

While we were walking near a lake, I saw something that looked like a turtle. What do woo think? Is it really a turtle?

While my mom was busy taking pictures, I took a break on the grass.

And a drink...

Another picture of the park.

I couldn't resist...

I hope everypuppy had a great day!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

And the torture continues...

Woo would think that after working all day yesterday, the humans would give me a break. But no, they wanted to brush me today!

I believe I need to get a pup lawyer. This is puppy cruelty!

Look at all that fur they took from me! If any of woo know any good pup lawyers, please let me know. I think we all need to protest this act they call "brushing". This torture has got to stop!

Weekend Work

It's the weekend, and for me and most pups out there, it means that our weekend schedule is full of work, work and more work.

I'm working for a treat at the doggie park! If I sit in front of my humans for long enuff, I get even more treats!

After working for so long, every pup needs some playtime!

When I got home, I was so tired from working. It's sure hard being a good sibe! Us pups work so hard sometimes...we need to learn to take it easy!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm not happy...

Yesterday, it was furry rainy, so there was lots of mud at the doggie park! My furriends and I wrestled in the mud and had lots of fun rolling in the mud. Woo wouldn't believe what I had to do when I got home!


As woo can see, I was not happy...I knew what was coming and I wasn't happy!

And then I tried running away but the darn leash got in the way...
I thought that if I closed my eyes really tightly, it would all be over with furry quickly...

I wasn't going to make it easy for my brother. I don't like being wet!

All I was thinking about at this point was that I deserve lots of treats for this horrible torture!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Strollin' Saturday

It was a furry hot day! The tempawrature reached 90 degrees here, so my humans didn't want me to play too much outside. Once it got cooler, I made my humans take me outside for a walk around my neighborhood! Woo can't really see anything since it was furry dark. I'll make sure to take a picture during the day so I can show woo all what my neighborhood looks like!

As woo can see, my human sister is even worse at taking pictures when she's walking.

Yep...she definitely needs some training...

After the walk, I came inside and chewed on my tripe treat! My humans always complain about how smelly it is, but I think it smells furry yummy! And it keeps my teeth furry clean!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My Trip to the V-E-T

Hawoo everypup!

I'm feeling a little better today after my trip to the V-E-T yesterday. The humans cleaned up my boo-boo for me and made it feel better. Unfortunately, they had to shave a little bit of my fur on my leg, which I was completely against doing, but I had no choice! The V-E-T said that the injury isn't too bad, thankfwoolly. I got some wound balm and pain medication so that I would feel a lot better, and I am feeling much better today! Thanks for all the get well wishes!

Here is a picture of my boo-boo after the V-E-T cleaned it up.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm Injured!

Yesterday I was playing at the doggie park with a girl husky and having a good time when all of a sudden there was a pit bull next to me. I was play "growling" at the girl husky and I think the pit bull thought I was growling at him because he suddenly started getting mad at me! Everything happened so fast that I can't really remember what happened, but when my humans got to me, I was very very angry. I think the pit got a cheap shot at me because my left leg started hurting really bad and my human noticed that I might have gotten a puncture wound on my foot. Now I have a "band-aid" on my foot and my brother says that I'll have to go see the V-E-T tomorrow. My foot hurts really bad and I can't walk well right now, so as long as the V-E-T makes me feel better, I'll be happy.

One good thing that came out of the injury is that my humans are spoiling me even more today!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday

I promise I wasn't going to eat that...

New furriend!!

After working that hard, I think I deserve a good rest. Good night everypup!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Good News!

Hi everypup!

Good news today. My humans received an e-mail from the person at ResQPet saying that Phoenix is now in the care of Second Chance rescue in San Diego, CA. Thank woo for all woor help!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Help find Mugsey!


I just wanted to get the word out to everyone in the Gaithersburg/Rockville area (and out of state too!) about Mugsey, who was dognapped from his yard on February 13th. Mugsey is ill and needs to come home so he can take his medicine! Since I live in the area between Gaithersburg and Rockville, I'll be looking furry hard for him. Here is the link to Mugsey's blog: Find Mugsey

Please let everypup woo know about Mugsey!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Husky Needs Help!!

Hi everypuppy!

Instead of posting something about myself today, I need to ask for woo and woor humans' help. My human received an e-mail about a 7-year-old male husky in California who was going to be put to sleep today by the shelter humans. Thankfwoolly, some very special humans got him out of the shelter and named him Phoenix. The shelter humans said that he was dog and human aggressive, but the humans who rescued him said that he is well behaved when he is outside his kennel. He didn't like humans trying to go in and grab him out like a true husky! My humans and I believe that every dog deserves a chance to be fairly evaluated, and we were very touched by all the effort made my some humans to help Phoenix. He is currently at a V-E-T being treated for some med-ik-al conditions, possibly inclwooding mange. He also needs blood work, a B-A-T-H and check up. While I wasn't able to help him, I asked my humans to make a small donation of $50.00 for his care so that he can get well again.

If woo can ask woor humans to help Phoenix, here are three ways they can make donations:

1. Call the animal hospital and ask for Tony.. the number is 310
398-7256. Phoenix will be listed under Cindy Price..

2. PayPal ResQPet at ... donation button.. be sure to send a notice that it is for Phoenix to

3. Send a check to: ResQPet, 23705 Vanowen St, Suite 245, West Hills,
CA 91307 note for Phoenix

Also, if woor humans know of a place where he might find a rescue or foster home, please ask them to e-mail Blake Donovan at He can only stay at the V-E-T until Saturday. Please help a fellow husky!

Here is a picture of Phoenix. I think he was camera shy because he didn't look up into the camera.

Please help Phoenix get better so he can find a forever home!

Monday, March 2, 2009


I woke up this morning and I was so happy to see all the white fluffy stuff called snow!!! Since my brother didn't have to go to skwool today, I made him take me to the doggy park extra early so I can play in the snow! Here are some pictures he took of me today:

I know that some of woo got snow too! I can't wait to see all of woor pics!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Post-Valentine's Day Special!

I hope everypuppy had a woonderful Valentine's Day! My humans and I went to Petco to take a Valentine's Day picture in support of the local Montgomery County Humane Society. The humans at Petco loved me so much that they gave me a bandana! I made sure to give them a BIG husky smile!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Playing in Ice!

All the snow from the last few days froze over and the entire dog park was covered in ice! Although it wasn't as fun as playing in snow, I still had a lot of fun! Here are some pictures of me and my friends on ice!

I'm officially declaring my humans as pupparazzis. It's a hard life being a sibe!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy New Year and SNOW!!!

I didn't have a chance to wish everypuppy a happy new year, so here it is! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYPUP!!

It snowed a little last week, so my humans took me to the doggy park so I can play in the snow! Look at these pictures of me playing with my friend Mickey!

Yum yum!! Snow is so yummy!