Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Trip Down the Memory Lane!

Since not much has been happening around here, I have decided to share some pics that I took a year ago, but haven't had the time to upload onto my compwooter until today.  These were taken on one of my human sister's birthday (which is actually one day before mine, on June 12th!).

We were walking at a local park when I spotted something in the bushes.  Upon closer look, it was a young deer!

My sister isn't too fond of deer because they can be pretty scary when they run out into the road at night, and there are LOTS of deer in my area.  So we tried to walk away quickly, but not before we took one more picture.  We were thinking that he would run away first, but he just kept staring at us.  Maybe he thought he was a pup, too?

But as we walked away, we noticed that he was following us...

And following us...

My human got really nervous because the deer kept pawing (??) at the ground, as if he was going to charge at us, so we tried to not make any eye contact with the deer and tried to walk as quickly as possible.

But alas, our attempts at running away kept failing because our legs were so much shorter.  He caught us again!

Here's a picture of me being brave and telling the deer to leave us alone.

But all he did was go ahead of us and kept pawing at the ground, staring right at us!

One more picture of him staring at us from afar.

Unfortunately, we had to pass the deer to get back to the car, so we walked by slowly, keeping an eye on him in case he decided to charge at us.  (Not that I couldn't take him on, of course...but I had to stay and protect my human)

Finally, we passed by him!

Then he started following us again!  Thankfwoolly, he decided that I was too scary and went home.  At the end of the whole ordeal, we saw another wild animal, but this time, it was a harmless little rabbit.  Can woo spot the rabbit in the following picture?

Here's a video of the deer following us.

It was a furry interesting day for sure!  We hope we never have to be followed by a deer again.

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♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Maybe that deer was lost and was trying to follow you home:) Mom will never forget the day we were out walking and getting ready to cross the trail bridge. All of a sudden out of the brush by the creek came a huge deer with a full rack of antlers - he wasn't any more than six feet from us. Luckily he was as afraid of us as we were of him and he just turned around and went back into the woods.

Great pics.

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